Carlo Little Discography

with Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages
  • A: 'Til The Following Night Listen

  • B: Good Golly Miss Molly Listen


December 1961. HMV POP 953. Personnel: vocals David Sutch, drums Carlo Little, bass Ken Payne, guitar Roger Mingay, piano Andy Wren, sax Pete Newman. Produced by Joe Meek. Recorded at 304 Holloway Road. This single was banned by the BBC. Disc reviewer Don Nicholl, 1961: "I couldn't like it even if it was for charity. A load of unpolished hokum". Carlo: "Dave was given the lyrics and we had to create a tune around them. We decided to do it as a 12-bar, and before we got to the recording studio we knew it inside out". 45cat.


Unreleased. Personnel: vocals David Sutch, drums Carlo Little, guitar Bernie Watson, bass Rick Brown, piano Nicky Hopkins. Believed to be recorded sometime between September 1961 and April 1962 at 304 Holloway Road. Carlo can be heard at the end of the recording: "You alright there, Bern?"

  • A: Jack The Ripper Listen

  • B: Don't You Just Know It Listen


February 1963. Decca F11598. Produced by Joe Meek. Recorded at 304 Holloway Road on 25 October 1962. This single was banned by the BBC. Melody Maker reviewer Ray Coleman, 1963: "Nauseating trash... it's a sordid saga. Is this really music? No, it's undiluted tripe. We smashed the record after one play and we hope you never have the misfortune to hear such dire rubbish". 45cat.

  • A: She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man Listen

  • B: Bye Bye Baby Listen


1964. Oriole CB 1944. Personnel: vocals Lord Sutch and The Velvettes, drums Carlo Little, bass Rick Brown, guitar Jimmy Page, piano Tony Marsh. Produced by Joe Meek. Recorded at 304 Holloway Road.  45cat. Demo version. More info.

Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends


February 1970. Cotillion SD 9015. Carlo plays drums on this track. The album also includes 'Heavy Friends' Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Noel Redding, Rick Brown, Nick Simper, Keith Moon.  Discogs. More info.

Hands of Jack The Ripper


1972 . Cotillion SD 9049.  12 April 1970, Screaming Lord Sutch invited former members of the Savages to a jam at The Country Club, Hampstead, London: Ritchie Blackmore on guitar, Nick Simper on bass, Matthew Fisher on organ, Brian Keith on trombone and Carlo Little on drums.  Discogs. More info.

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