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Carlo Little was one of Britain's most influential drummers.

His heavy drumming style was completely unique during the early 1960's, when the UK pop music scene was in its infancy.


Carlo was watched by, and left a lasting impression on, many of today's rock stars and he influenced some of the world's greatest rock drummers; Mitch Mitchell and Keith Moon, to name but a few.


Discover all about the life and good times of a rock and roll drummer during the most exciting era in British pop music - London in the 1960's!

And read Carlo's own version of how he turned down the Rolling Stones, taught Keith Moon how to play the drums, and showed Screaming Lord Sutch how to scream.


Carlo's life was tragically cut short when died of lung cancer in 2005.  This website is a tribute to him and a celebration of his talent and life. 

Great site which offers something a little different... full of nuggets of information about the music scene of the time.

Record Collector magazine (UK), November 1999


What other drummers have to say about Carlo:
I'm a professional drummer, aged 42, from Massachusetts, USA. My prime influences, besides Americans like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and all the big band swing drummers, are all BRITISH. Having played and studied the drums all my life (since infancy, believe it or not) I have extensively researched all of my favorite drummers from the UK; Keith Moon, John Bonham, Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr, Simon Phillips, Bill Bruford, Ian Paice, etcetera; and have happily come to know about and look into the life of Mr. Carlo Little. In my opinion, this man had as much power and influence over the British lads who were interested in drumming as Gene Krupa had over his American fans. I believe Carlo to be every bit as important and as influential as those drummers I have named. Listening to the recordings available today only strengthen my belief. He was, and always will be, as we say in the USA...AWESOME!

I also believe that if this man had "made it" as big as many of his younger peers did, he would also have been as revered and considered as legendary as Moon, Bonham, Starr, and the rest. It is admirable that he forsook all of that to do what was right; get down to raising his family...the thing that was most important to him.
Just wanted his family and fans to know he's much appreciated and respected on the other side of the Atlantic too. Rest in peace, Carlo. We love you, and thank you!

Sincerely, Kevin 'KC' Crowley, drummer for The Rampage Trio,

Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.



Carlo Little All Stars album Never Stop Rockin' is now released on Angel Air Records.

Produced by Carlo Little with guest stars
Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood, Long John Baldry, Art Wood, Procol Harum's Matthew Fisher plus many more.


"An electrifying disc, and a fitting tribute to one of the era's most infuriatingly unsung heroes" - All Music Guide.

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