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The Early Gigs - 1962 - Dates & Payments


Carlo kept a detailed log of all his early gigs and how much he was paid, recorded in an invoice book from May 1961. He was paid in old English pounds and shillings. You can see from the amount of gigs and travelling that The Savages must have been one of the hardest working bands on the circuit at the time. Venue names are unknown but if anyone knows, please contact us.


* See notes below for further information about specific dates

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February 17 1962

Buckingham gig review Aug 1962

from 'Jazz News', Xmas 1962

* Town Hall
** Carlo did not put a complete entry here but it may have been a continuation of filming at the 2is in Soho
*** 'Calvert' may refer to Reg Calvert, Screaming Lord Sutch's manager
**** Railway Hotel. Support band Kit & The Saracens member Colin Standring: "We were all still at school and were very impressed, the band kicked off with some heavy riff instrumental. The guitarist and bassist has bleached white hair and held their guitars almost vertical, staring menacingly into the audience. Sutch's show included him leaping around with a red toilet seat around his neck. At one point he was standing on a chair, then one of the band came up with a broomstick and poked him up the bum and Sutch squealed, 'ooh, is that you, Cliff?' ". 
***** Keith Moon was at this gig and approached Carlo backstage to ask for drum lessons
****** Town Hall
******* Single Jack The Ripper / Don't You Just Know It, produced by Joe Meek
******** According to some sources, Carlo played this gig with The Stones but he did not list it in his payments book.

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