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The Early Gigs - 1968 - Dates & Payments


Carlo kept a detailed log of all his early gigs and how much he was paid, recorded in an invoice book from May 1961. He was paid in old English pounds and shillings. You can see from the amount of gigs and travelling that The Savages must have been one of the hardest working bands on the circuit at the time. Venue names are unknown but if anyone knows, please contact us.


* See notes below for further information about specific dates

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1968 Arno's Court Hotel, Bath Road, Bristol.jpg

* They played the California Ballroom, Dunstable on Feb 3. Source
** They played the California Ballroom, Dunstable on May 18. Source
*** They played the 13th Annual Record Star Show at Empire Pool, Wembley on March 24 1968 (produced by the Stars Organisation for Spastics in association with the Daily Express). Also appearing were Amen Corner, Kenny Ball, Tony Blackburn, Spencer Davis Group, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, Simon Dupree & Big Sound, Easybeats, Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds, Foundations, Move, New Vaudeville Band, PJ Proby. Carlo was given a shield to commemorate his appearance.

According to Ged Peck, guitarist with the Flowerpot Men, during the time with this band, "we played absolutely everywhere, including Denmark and Holland. We often played at Northern Clubs in Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and Sunderland."
"You note that Carlo earned £0.00 in June. Not so. He was in Switzerland with me working for David Garrick. We ditched the FPM when we were asked to back Garrick. They couldn't guarantee future work whilst Garrick could. Carlo needed the money for his wedding in June, so there was no choice. However, whilst we - me and Tex Makins - wanted to stay, Carlo wanted to come home. The FPM wanted Carlo to come back and he did, at first working in Bristol with the former Pirates guitarist Mickey Stuart (?) However, he didn't fit in and Carlo phoned me to give me my 'orders' about getting to Bristol. However, I wouldn't go back. I'd had enough."


1-5 Jan BBC Sessions, Jimmy Young

22-26 Jan - BBC Sessions, David Symonds

29 Jan-2 Feb - BBC Sessions, Jimmy Young

Feb 3 - Dunstable California Ballroom

5-9 Feb - BBC Sessions, David Symonds

Mar 24 - Wembley Empire Pool, Record Stars Ball

Apr 13 - BBC Sessions, Saturday Club

Apr 15-19 - BBC Sessions, Jimmy Young

Apr 22-26 - BBC Sessions, David Symonds

May 6-10 - BBC Sessions, David Symonds

May 12 - Hatchetts Playground, Piccadilly

May 18 - Dunstable California Ballroom

May 27-31 - BBC Sessions, Jimmy Young

June 24-28 - BBC Sessions, Jimmy Young

July 22-26, BBC Sessions, Keith Skues

Nov 4-8 - BBC Sessions, Jimmy Young

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