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The Early Gigs - 1967 - Dates & Payments


Carlo kept a detailed log of all his early gigs and how much he was paid, recorded in an invoice book from May 1961. He was paid in old English pounds and shillings. You can see from the amount of gigs and travelling that The Savages must have been one of the hardest working bands on the circuit at the time. Venue names are unknown but if anyone knows, please contact us.


* See notes below for further information about specific dates

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* On January 14 they played at Jaguar Club, Scala Herford, Germany.
** For EMI. 'Soul Survivors' album, produced by Derek Lawrence. See more here

*** Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees has a lucky escape when the train on which he is travelling crashes at Hither Green in South East London, Nov 5 1967. Forty-nine people are killed but Gibb emerges from an overturned carriage suffering shock. A fortnight later the group play a special show in aid of the disaster fund followed by a concert at the Saville Theatre (Nov 19), supported by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and The Flowerpot Men. 


According to Ged Peck, guitarist:
- Jan-Apr with Roman Empire. "Can't remember where all these were, except that one was in Milton Haven in Wales, and possibly Cardiff. Another was Newcastle, and one in a London club."
- Jun-Aug with Billie Davies. "We spent a week at Bernard Manning's club in Manchester. Another week somewhere in Birmingham in June. The rest were various clubs at which we stayed for a week, the last one was in Middlesborough".
- Oct-Dec with The Flowerpot Men. "We played absolutely everywhere, including Denmark and Holland. We often played at Northern Clubs in Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and Sunderland."


Traffic headline a package tour bill that includes The Flowerpot Men, Tomorrow, Art, The Mindbenders and Vanilla Fudge. Dates played in October:

Finsbury Park Astoria (4th), ABC, Chesterfield (6th), City Hall, Newcastle (7th), Empire, Liverpool (8th), ABC, Croydon (10th), Birmingham Town Hall (11th), Colston Hall, Bristol (13th), Gaumont, Wolverhampton (14th), De Montfort Hall, Leicester (15th), Gaumont, Ipswich (17th)


Oct 1 - Manchester Mr Smiths

Oct 1 - BBC Sessions, 'Happening Sunday'

Oct 2-6 BBC Sessions, 'Pete Brady'

Oct 4 - Finsbury Park Astoria (also with The Bee Gees)

Oct 6 - Rugby Benn Memorial Hall

Oct 7 - Newcastle City Hall

Oct 8 - Liverpool Empire

Oct 9 - BBC1 TV "Late Night Extra"

Oct 10 - Croydon ABC

Oct 11 - Birmingham Town Hall

Oct 13 - Bristol Colston Hall

Oct 14 - Upper Cut-West Coast Consortium

Oct 15 - Leicester De Montfort Hall

Oct 17 - Ipswich Gaumont

Oct 28 - Hinckley St George's Ballroom

Nov 4 - Nelson Imperial Ballroom

Nov 15 - Stevange Locarno

Nov 18 - Birmingham Flowerpot

Nov 19 - London Saville Theatre as support for The Bee Gees. Paul McCartney was in the audience.

Dec 2 - BBC Session, Saturday Club

Dec 9 - Nottingham University

Dec 12 - Keele University

Dec 16 - Hinckley St George’s Hall

Dec 19 - Southport Kingsway

Dec 23 - Nantwich Civic Hall

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