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The Early Gigs - 1964 - Dates & Payments


Carlo kept a detailed log of all his early gigs and how much he was paid, recorded in an invoice book from May 1961. He was paid in old English pounds and shillings. You can see from the amount of gigs and travelling that The Savages must have been one of the hardest working bands on the circuit at the time. Venue names are unknown but if anyone knows, please contact us.


* See notes below for further information about specific dates

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15th Jan, 1964


Feb 1 1964


Feb 13th, 1964

March 7, Margate

Mar 13th, 1964


Apr 13th, 1964


At the end of the last entry, Carlo wrote: 
"Oct 64 - Jan 65. P.A.Y.E. 13 weeks. Strang's Garage, Watford Road, Harrow." Did he work at this place during this time?


* Single She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man / Bye Bye Baby with producer Joe Meek
** Ray King, guitarist: "When I played with Carlo and Lord Sutch, the line-up was Freddie 'Fingers' Lee on piano, Danny on bass, myself on guitar. There was a young  sax-player too, on a couple of gigs, I only remember him as being called "Toots". Freddie sounded more like Jerry Lee Lewis than Jerry himself - he was terrific! In Hastings, the Pier Ballroom, Dave set the stage curtains alight! Happy days."
*** Carlo did not list the Hoochie Coochie Men gigs in detail. He only wrote 'June 25th - July 19th with Long John Baldry'. Exact dates are taken from the Marquee website, but there may well have been more around the UK. There is another good list of Hoochie Coochie Men gigs here
**** Gigs were not listed in detail.

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